About Us

I’m Carter, towards the end of 2022 I found myself exploring the concept of scent memory. I went through a thought exercise about interests that have been with me since childhood, one that kept coming up was fragrance, so I kept pulling on that thread. I remember sneaking my parent’s perfumes, mixing ‘potions’ together in the kitchen, and having this follow through my teenage years and adulthood. I took a leap of faith and made a decision to create one of my own. 

One scent in particular has frequently come and gone throughout the years. Someone would mask a bad habit with classic wintergreen mouthwash - there's a distinct memory of clean mint, tobacco, and their leather briefcase. I've smelled this combination at other times in life and it always gives me nostalgia, particularly during nights out in NYC and LA. This served as a starting point for Hidden Habits - and represents a moment in time. The definition of temporal: “of or relating to the sequence of time or to a particular time” and association with temporal lobes processing scent memories inspired the brand's name. 

I partnered with a team of experts to reimagine this particular memory into a long-lasting eau de parfum. After months of work and a dozen versions, it's ready. Hidden Habits is a complex scent for everyone: the top notes are thyme and clean mint, the middle notes are jasmine, golden amber, and smoky woods, and the base is leather, tobacco, musk, and vanilla. It's paraben & cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA with the highest quality components. 

I’m really proud of where we pushed it, it’s very wearable and strikingly memorable. Something told me it was time to create something of my own, and I hope you can experience it too. It’s a culmination of my interests and tastes. If this process has taught me anything it’s to have endless respect for anyone who creates something tangible, large or small.

Hidden Habits is available online and in select retailers soon with plans to expand the product line next year.

I appreciate your support.